April 4, 2018 Can you trust you?

If I were to ask you “can you trust you?” What is your initial gut response? In a situation where you knew what needed to be done and the negative consequences of not doing the right thing, would you trust yourself to make the right decision? Would you carry out the necessary things to get the desired end result? Let me ask it a couple of other ways. Is there anything in your life that you know you should not be doing but yet you still do them? If you know you should quit smoking, why do you keep buying cigarettes? If you know you need to lose weight, why is your kitchen full of junk food? Are there task around the house that are unfinished? Do you procrastinate things at home and at work?
This exercise is not to beat ourselves up. The natural man (woman) in our fallen state will struggle with these items. It has been proven that we will do more to avoid pain than to get pleasure. We have developed beliefs that serve us to keep bad habits and justify them to ourselves. The good news is we can change. Neurolinguistic programming or conditioning teaches us we need three things to change. Leverage, break the pattern and replace with something better, this is the process that will help us finally make progress. And it can happen in a second. It does not take any longer to make these life altering changes than it takes you to make a decision. The snap of your fingers or blink of an eye and you can be changed forever.
I want to help others learn this process and grow as I am learning to grow. If there is something you are struggling with and truly want to change. Maybe you have tried multiple times and just cannot seem to make it over the hump. Maybe like me you want to lose weight and after a few days or hours you find yourself sabotaging your results. Let’s work together what ever the goal and make our lives what they deserve to be. Let’s honor our creator and become all we can and fulfill our full potential. Feel free to reach out and let’s begin our journey to freedom.

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