December 3, 2017 Can You SEE Your Choice?

You don’t believe it when you see it; you see it when you believe it.  Develop a clear mental image; visualize it as if it was already in existence now. This is the most important step: you will achieve it to the degree you are able to see it so make your pictures clear and detailed. If you think you can’t visualize, cut out pictures, make a poster, make a visualization board.
Studies of very successful people have found that they don’t say ‘I can’ or ‘I can’t’. Successful people say ‘I choose to’ or ‘I choose not to’ instead, and in doing this they are telling their mind that they have a choice, are making the right choice and are happy with the choice they have made. When we stop focusing on what we can or can’t do and instead choose to do it, we move away from the denial state and it becomes incredibly easy.
Our mind dictates our behavior and overrules everything. We need to have a mindset of choice rather than thinking, ‘I can’t, it’s not possible for me’, which sends us straight into denial and resistance. As you add your power to choose to your ability to identify and break your patterns of thought and habits, you are beginning a powerful transformation.
When you choose what to do and what not to do you have power and freedom of choice, so if you want to be a success be like successful people and say ‘I choose to or choose not to’ instead of ‘I can or I can’t’. Replace the words I MUST, I HAVE TO, or I HAVE GOT NO CHOICE with I WANT TO, I HAVE CHOSEN TO. It is such a simple change and yet it makes such a big difference.
If you want to work out or get up early and run or do your paperwork, first you have to choose to do it and then you have to choose to feel good about it and convey that to your brain by saying, ‘I feel great about this, I love doing this, I want to do it.’ If instead you say, ‘I hate this’, or ‘It hurts’, or ‘It’s boring’, or ‘I don’t like it, when can I stop?’ you are setting yourself up to fail. The minute we begin to speak in this way our brain begins to look for a way to stop the activity. Saying, ‘I am choosing to do this because I am choosing to be successful so I might as well choose to enjoy it’ causes any resistance to end.
What will you choose to do today to bring you closer to your vision?

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