I have heard and read many times, if you want to achieve a goal share it with others so that you are now accountable and committed.  Once it is public others will help you to achieve the desired outcome. 

Observing human behavior, it seems when you have a huge dream you are wanting to achieve, telling others is counterproductive.  They may outwardly tell you they support you and they may even believe it.  However, you will hear in the tone they speak or words they use the doubt.

Have you ever shared something you are really excited about only to have those closest to you say, “that is not possible,” “when will you find the time,” “why would you want to do that,” “you are going to work yourself to death,” “there is more to life than money,” or “that is not a health weight for you, that is to little?” 

These friends and loved ones in their mind are protecting you.  They do not want to see you hurt.  What is really happening is they are pushing their limited beliefs on you and if they can keep you from your growth goal they will not feel bad about their ordinary lives.

We are the sum of the 5 people we spend the most time with, in life.  If we want more, we have to find those that believe or have achieve that which we desire.  Until you learn the secret to protecting your thoughts and controlling your mind it is dangerous to share your deepest desire with just anyone.

What is it your really want to achieve at work, in business or in your personal life?  Do you have a plan to get there and are you working the plan?  Knowledge is great but having a mentor that will help you put more of that knowledge into action is key. 

I have mentors/coaches in several areas of my life.  I have spiritual, physical, mental and emotional mentors as well as business and personal coaches.  The greatest athletes in the world hire private trainers to help them elevate to the next level.  If those achieve the pinnacle of their chosen career believe in mentors and coaches, you may want to consider how it could help you.

Read Relentless, How to go from Good to Great to Unstoppable, by Tim Grover.  See how Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwayne Wade used him to elevate their lives.


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