I am naturally motivated to persevere

I am naturally motivated to persevere.
My every instinct knows that I am a winner. The wealth of experience and knowledge I gain in every circumstance allows me to be better prepared in the future.
When I experience failure, I allow myself to feel disappointed. I let myself experience sadness and inadequacy for a while because I know that they are effective in the healing process.
At the end of that phase, I bounce back with even more fire than before. I use my experiences of disappointment to fuel my motivation the next time around. Because of my prior challenges, I approach new situations with more confidence in my abilities to come out on top.
Perseverance is the easy road for me. Motivation and determination are my way of life, and these traits constitute the ideology that differentiates me from my competitors. Whether I am competing against a co-worker for a key promotion, or just against the hardships of life, continuing on until I win is easy for me.
My motivation to keep going comes from deep inside me. I am confident that I know what is best for me and once I make that decision, there is no turning back. I can push through.
Today, I rely on my inborn strength to persevere. Regardless of my circumstances, I ride the tide of life’s challenges. If I fall overboard, I simply pick up the pieces and start again. Each situation I encounter is worthy of my resolve and determination.
Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do my actions show that I persevere in the face of adversity?
  2. Can determination and motivation help me move past insecurity?
  3. When do I most feel like a winner? When would I like to feel more confident in myself?

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