I stay motivated.

I pursue my goals with energy and enthusiasm. I remember my purpose. I think about the reasons behind my activities. I feel inspired knowing that my efforts help me to develop my potential and serve others.

I set interim goals. I break big projects down into smaller steps. I create milestones that enable me to chart my progress. I want to keep working when I see that I am drawing closer to fulfilling my dreams.

I focus on benefits. I visualize becoming stronger and leaner each time I work out. I anticipate the skills and knowledge I can acquire by completing a training course at work.

I reduce distractions. I turn off the television and limit the time I spend browsing online.

I take care of my health. I eat nutritious foods and go to bed on time. I manage stress and think positive. I can accomplish more when I keep my mind and body in top shape.

I give myself a pep talk. I choose words that encourage me and give me reassurance.

I surround myself with support. My friends and family give me constructive feedback and pick me up when I stumble. They give me guidance and cheer me on.

I start now. If I feel sluggish, I dive into what I need to do anyway. My feelings change as I become caught up in my work. I become engaged and excited.

Today, I push beyond my comfort zone. I am driven to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How does what I do in the morning affect my motivation levels throughout the day?
2. What is the difference between internal and external motivation?
3. What happens when I refuse to give up?

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