I use positive results as motivation to keep pursuing my goals.

I fully understand that there are some goals which are achieved through a series of smaller steps and objectives. I accept that I sometimes need to go through different channels to reach the final pathway to success.
I use positive results from each small success as motivation to keep pursuing my bigger goals and dreams. I avoid looking at how much farther I have to go to reach my goal. I never let that distance discourage me. Instead, I celebrate each tiny victory and then move on to the next step.
When I am faced with financial challenges and debt, I design a plan to become debt free. I set a realistic timeline based on what I know I can achieve if I set smaller objectives.
I take one credit card at a time and commit to making a set payment each month until it is fully paid. I avoid letting unexpected circumstances cause me to renege on my financial responsibility.
When it comes to my physical health, I set a target for reaching various fitness milestones. I create my goals based on the time and resources I have at my disposal. I promise to devote 30 minutes each day to exercising and I stick to that commitment.
Today, I acknowledge that sometimes the tiny steps towards a goal are more effective than taking giant steps to reach it. I relish in the excitement of achieving smaller objectives, knowing that I am one step closer to the ultimate prize.
Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Do I sometimes feel discouraged when even my smaller goals seem unattainable?
2. Do I believe in my ability to reach my goals?
3. How do I motivate myself to keep pursuing my goals when they seem far away?

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