January 16, 2018 Be on a Mission

Whereas the unsuccessful spend their lives thinking in terms of a job, successful people approach their activities as though they are on a religious mission—not as work or merely “a job.” Successful employees, employers, entrepreneurs, and market changers consider their daily activities to be part of a more important mission that will change things significantly. They are always thinking bigger and homing in on some massive target to achieve.
Until you start approaching your job as though you are on a mission, it will always be reduced to “just a job.” You must undertake every activity with the zealous attitude that this endeavor could forever change the world. Approach every phone call, e-mail, sales visit, meeting, presentation, and day you spend at the office not as a job but as a calling for which you will forever be known. Until you adopt this attitude, you will forever be stuck in a job—and probably one that isn\’t very fulfilling. Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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