March 10, 2018 Thoughts on change and personal progress

As you may have noticed, if you read these post on a regular basis, the content will go from my thoughts to quotes from material I am reading.  I have no set content for my daily journaling.  I want to start incorporating more of the information I am learning and how it is helping me in different ways.  My goal is to help others see that small things done with consistency can have a huge impact.
This week, it has become obvious to me, while I have grown exponentially since last June there is much more I can do in my personal progression.  In life I have come to understand the more we grow the greater opportunity we have for more growth in the future.  It seems counter intuitive that once you grow there will be more opportunity to grow.  As children we want to mature and grow taller, but once we reach our biological height we stop growing taller.  If we believe this is how all growth works it can lead to depression and loss of drive.
The good news is though our bodies have limitation on growth potential, we are eternal beings with the opportunity of unlimited potential for growth in all other areas.  Our physical bodies are our only limitation and even this limitation is temporary and limited to this existence.  It is exciting to realize how much we can learn and grow in this life as we prepare for eternal growth hereafter.
As we grow and over come what seem to be major obstacles in our lives, we will then be able to see the next opportunity.  Working these last several months on certain traits I have noticed my attitude and opinions have began to evolve.  My personal philosophy has grown and allowed me to see things from a different vantage point.  I am grateful for this learning and would love to be able to apologize to anyone I may have offended in my ignorance to this point.  Believing things are one way then finding out they are another is a very humbling experience.  Thankfully being humbled is high on my list of needs so this works out to my advantage.
I encourage everyone to take time daily for personal process.  Work on you each day with consistency and when you look back you will be amazed at the progress.  Whether it is mental, physical, social, or spiritual change, daily focus is the key to success.  Thank you all for being my accountability partners and helping me stay committed to my personal growth.  I can never pay you enough for the value I have received.

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