March 20, 2018 Focus 

Where focus goes energy flows.  Have you ever wondered why you get the results you are getting?  It is really quite simply, that is what you focused on.  People do not want to believe they are responsible for the bad things that happen to them but if you are honest and look at what they focused on that is where they ended up.  Try this, stand up and start to walk in a straight line, now as you begin walking, turn you head to the right.  You will notice that you body will leave the straight path and move towards your new focus point.
How can we use this to our advantage.  I am going to give you the million dollar secret to achieving whatever you want in life.  Focus on achieving your desired outcome.  Did you catch that?  Focus on achieving your desired outcome.  Now I did not say focus on what you do not want, did I?  Yet so many spend time thinking about what they do not want.  I do not want to be late, I do not want to gain weight, to do not …
The mind is so powerful that it will help you find what you are looking for if you feed it the right picture.  Unfortunately, it does not understand want versus do not want.  This means if we say, I do not want to be in debt, the mind hears, I want to be in debt.  When we focus on what we do not want we attract more attention to those things.  So quit focusing on what you do not want and start focusing on what you do want.  Instead of saying I do not want to be in debt, focus on being financially independent.  If you run a business instead of saying I do not want to lose money this month, focus on achieving a new record profit.
If you will put your focus on the items you wish to achieve you will look back and see how powerful this can be in your life.  Or you can just keeping getting what you have been getting.  The choice is yours.  What’s in your focus?

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