March 22, 2018 Control what you can and only what you can.

Think about this last few days.  How many items that cause you worry were out of your control?  Notice the question is out of your control not out of your responsibility.  It is important that we focus on what we can control and take responsibility for every outcome.  Nothing happens to you it happens because of you.  When we have the proper focus on things we can control more positive things will happen because of you.  When your focus is on items you cannot control you will experience more negative outcomes.  These are also because of you.  Where focus goes energy flows.
“What is it then to be properly educated? It is learning to apply our natural preconceptions to the right things according to Nature, and beyond that to separate the things that lie within our power from those that don’t.”
“A degree on a wall means you’re educated as much as shoes on your feet mean you’re walking. It’s a start, but hardly sufficient.
Otherwise, how could so many “educated” people make unreasonable decisions? Or miss so many obvious things? Partly it’s because they forget that they ought to focus only on that which lies within their power to control. A surviving fragment from the philosopher Heraclitus expresses that reality:
“Many who have learned
from Hesiod the countless names
of gods and monsters
never understand
that night and day are one.”
Just as you can walk plenty well without shoes, you don’t need to step into a classroom to understand the basic, fundamental reality of nature and of our proper role in it. Begin with awareness and reflection. Not just once, but every single second of every single day.”
Ryan Holiday & Stephen Hanselman. “The Daily Stoic.”

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