November 27, 2017 By the power of Grey Skull

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s one of the cartoons was of He-man.  Like most super hero types his abilities were greater than the average man and he could draw upon these special abilities to overcome evil.  This weekend we went to see the latest Thor movie (I will try to not spoil anything) and we see the powerful god of thunder struggle to fight off opposing forces.  I enjoy these types of movies as entertainment.  It is fun to think about being able to fly or having super strength.  The interesting part that I have been reflecting on this morning is that the true power of these super heroes was represented by an external object but their true strength was internal.
\"heman\"How often in life do we let external forces define us when in reality they have nothing to do with who we are or what we are capable of achieving?  In life we will have many different forces working against us and we will experience getting knocked down in multiple ways literally and figuratively.  These externally forces are there to help us learn and grow.  They do not define who we are nor do they decide what we will accomplish.  What one sees as an obstacle, another sees and an opportunity.  It all depends on our point of view.
Our mind is amazing and has the ability to accomplish anything it is given when we draw on the proper powers.  If we give into the dark side and become negative and pessimistic, we will find exactly what we are looking for but if we are optimistic we will also find what we are looking for in the end.  See a pessimist will fail at a task and say, “see I told you it would not work,” where an optimist will fail at a task and say, “I guess we need to try again in a different way.”
Failure is an event not a person, and we can never grow into our full potential without experiencing failures.  Mistakes are required for true learning to occur.  If you never make a mistake you cannot learn anything new.  You will keep doing what you have been doing and keep getting the same results.  We are created with the ability to learn.  When we are born it is natural for us to be resilient and keep trying.  We are blessed at birth to not judge ourselves based on our mistakes but to keep going until we become like our parents or siblings.  We see it is possible to learn and we desire that learning.
What about now?  If we live in the world of average we may not see it as possible to learn and improve any longer.  Is this as good as it gets?  No! We just need new targets in life and need to call upon the powers within to reach heights never before seen.  Just because no one has done it does not mean it will never be done.  If we know things can be done better, faster and even completely new things will be created, why do we settle?  We are waiting on someone else to figure it out because they are special, they have the super abilities and we do not.  Hogwash.  Each of us is designed after an Eternal Father that has given us the opportunity to grow up and be just like our creator.  We have within us each the power to accomplish miracles as defined by man.  These mysterious powers to others may seem super natural but in reality they are natural creations.
Go forward today knowing you are the super hero that movies a create about not the extra cast in the background.  You have the ability already within you to do mighty miracles if you call upon your mind and body with faith and optimism.  Decide today that you will be defined by your internal beliefs and not external forces.  When your day throws a challenge before you simply smile and say, “by the power of Grey Skull, I have the power.”

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