Refuse to allow your past to rule your future.

Today is an opportunity to reach newer heights of growth. I move forward with little consideration of the past. In this way, I can make my tomorrows more fulfilling than my yesterdays.

Sometimes looking back is useful to remind me of what I am leaving behind. I use the past for learning and motivation instead of a hindrance.

Relationships are challenging. Sometimes they last, but when they end, I avoid feeling devastated. I take the opportunity to evaluate my contribution to the situation. The mental notes I take guide my actions in my future relationships. I stay positive.

Missteps in my career are learning experiences. They allow me to develop my professional proficiency. I am grateful for them.

Hitting work targets is difficult at times, but I remain committed to figuring out how to do it consistently. My results from last month are in the past. They have little bearing on the month ahead of me.

My mission is to make the adjustments that allow me to achieve superior results in the month ahead. I spare little time pining over unrealized targets.

I spend time each evening renewing my resolve to rise above negative behaviors. I am proud of the person I am each day because I am stronger than before.

Today, I keep moving forward. Looking in the past is like taking several steps back. My goal is to keep rising to the challenge and expand my experience.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. In which situations is it useful to rehash past experiences?
  2. What are some of the biggest lessons I learn from reflecting?
  3. How often do I take stock of the growth that I experience personally and professionally?

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