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Life Someday is focused on helping every client with cultivating leadership qualities of mindset, achievement, and goal setting.

Let's help you get more money, more time, and more freedom.

Goal Training

Learn the different types of goals, how to set the right goals, and the creative process to make your goals a reality.

Business Consulting

Get a business evaluation and improve performance with the Lean Six Sigma Review & Process.

Team Building

This is not your day on the ropes course, get your team optimized to improve overall performance, communication, and job satisfaction.

Keynote Speaking

Popular keynote topics include: thinking into results, your mistaken identity holds you back, become the lead in your own movie, who killed the American Dream speech.


From start-up to growing into an IPO, we can assist you to reach the next step in your process.

How coaching works

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What clients are saying

Christopher has influenced me to grow personally and professionally. Working with him has advanced my career and tripled my income.
Marissa P.
I always look forward to meeting with Coach Christopher, he has helped me recognize my limiting beliefs and gives honest feedback that helps me grow professionally and personally.
Brian H.