December 28, 2017 Believe “I will figure it out.”

This outlook goes hand in hand with the “can do” attitude. Again, it refers to the individual who is always looking to be responsible and solve a problem. Even if you\’re not sure how to do something, the best answer is “I will figure it out”—not “I don\’t know.” No one values a person who not only doesn\’t have the information but doesn\’t want to know the information.This response does nothing for your credibility or competence. I don\’t agree with the claim that you should tell people if you don\’t know something. How does this help the situation? Do you really want to brag about your inability or think that the marketplace—or your customers—value honesty so much that they want you to admit they are wasting their time with you? You can admit that you\’re unfamiliar with something—as long as you immediately follow that admission up with the promise that you will figure it out or find someone who will. Throwing up your hands at a task will not move things forward. Communicate to yourself and others that you are willing to do what is necessary to figure it out! An alternative response to “I don\’t know” is “Great question. Let me check into that and figure it out.” You are still being honest, but you\’re inciting a solution instead of implying ineptitude. Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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