December 8, 2017 Seek and ye shall find

This week has been a great example of finding what you are looking for in life.  Personally, when you have a birthday one can reflect on the past year or many years and see if they have achieved the life they desire.  I have had such an opportunity this week and received many wonderful gifts that as a child I would have said, “that is it?”  Reflecting back and projecting forward on my life I took to heart things which I have learned over the last 5 months regarding the power of the human mind.
Our minds truly believe what we tell them in descriptive language and will look for what we are saying to ourselves.  A simple change in our vocabulary from words like can, can’t, could, could not too I choose to, or I choose not to make a powerful difference.  Right now as you read this I want you to reflect on yesterday.  Find something you should have done but for whatever reason you did not and you told yourself I can’t or couldn’t do that today.  It could have been make a phone call, go to the gym, read your scriptures, play games with your kids, go on a date with your spouse, anything that you told yourself I can’t or couldn’t today.
Now with that same scenario in your mind you are going to say it again to yourself with a simple change in the terminology.  Pay particular attention to how your body reacts physically and emotionally during this exercise.  Ok, you have your thought ready, now as you say it simply change “I can’t, or I couldn’t” and say “I choose not to.”  So, if you told yourself I can’t go to the gym today, change it to I chose not to go the gym today.  What was the difference to you in these two phrases?  One allows you to place blame while the other puts you in control and allows you to take ownership.
Remember, if we are not to blame for things is our life we are powerless to change the things holding us back.  If we want to change and grow we have to take responsibility for everything in our lives both what we can directly control and things that happen beyond our control.  Even if something is happening beyond our control we still have a choice of how we will handle the situation and what we allow it to do to us moving forward.  Research the self-talk you have and look at how some simple word upgrades can truly change your life. This has been a wonderful week playing with this principle and I know it works.  As I wrote a few days ago, it you want more positive in your life talk to your self about what you want, do not think about or discuss what you do not want.
The subconscious mind will not recognize “not” and it will assume you want more of the exact thing to are thinking about avoiding.  Mother Theresa said she would never attend an anti-war rally but she would go to a peace rally.  Focus your life on what you want and you will achieve more of what you want.  If you choose to focus on what you don’t want and worry, you will find more of what you don’t want and more to worry about in the future.
The Lord has told us “Seek and ye shall find,” this is an eternal principles.  What are you seeking versus what do you really want?

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