February 23, 2018 LONELINESS

Anything that makes us feel alone, apart, or separate from others belongs in this category. Have you ever felt really lonely? I don’t think there’s anybody alive who hasn’t.
The message of loneliness is that you need a connection with people. But what does the message mean? People often assume it means a sexual connection, or instant intimacy. Then they feel frustrated, because even when they do have intimacy, they still feel lonely.
1) The solution to loneliness is to realize that you can reach out and make a connection immediately and end the loneliness. There are caring people everywhere.
2) Identify what kind of connection you do need. Do you need an intimate connection? Maybe you just need some basic friendship, or someone to listen to you or to laugh or talk with. You simply have to identify what your true needs are.
3) Remind yourself that what’s great about being lonely is that it means, “I really care about people, and I love to be with them. I need to find out what kind of connection I need with somebody right now, and then take an action immediately to make that happen.”
4) Then, take immediate action to reach out and connect with someone.
Think of your mind, your emotions, and your spirit as the ultimate garden. The way to ensure a bountiful, nourishing harvest is to plant seeds like love, warmth, and appreciation, instead of seeds like disappointment, anger, and fear. Begin to think of Action Signals as weeds in your garden. A weed is a call to action, isn’t it? It says, “You’ve got to do something; you’ve got to pull this out to make room for better, healthier plants to grow.” Keep cultivating the kinds of plants you want, and pull the weeds as soon as you notice them.
Tony Robbins. “Awaken the Giant Within.”

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