January 15, 2018 Be Goal-Oriented

A goal is some desirable objective—typically something yet to be achieved—that a person or company needs in order to move forward. Successful people are highly goal-oriented and always pay more attention to the target than the problem. They are seemingly able to bend bullets because of their commitment and focus on the goal. Far too many folks spend more time planning what they will get at the grocery store than they do setting the most important goals of their lives. If you don\’t stay focused on your goals, you will spend your life achieving the objectives of other people—particularly those who are goal-oriented.
Goals are incredibly important to me. I begin and finish each day by writing them down and reviewing them. Any time I encounter failure or a challenge, I take out a legal pad and write my goals down again. This helps keep my attention on where I desire to go and the goals I want to achieve—instead of letting me dwell on the difficulty of the moment. The ability to remain focused on the goal and keep your orientation on that goal\’s achievement is vital to success. Although I try to stay focused on the present, I want to keep most of my attention on the bigger picture of my goals rather than on just the task I\’m accomplishing at that moment. Grant Cardone. “The 10X Rule.”

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