March 30, 2018 TGIF

Many people look forward to Fridays.  There is a since of accomplishment.  The weekend is exciting because there is no work requirement and you can get some rest and relaxation.  Or you can do recreational activities with friends and families.  What if we took TGIF and made it TGIT?  What if we treated everyday as if it where Friday?  How would that make you feel, would you be more productive and happy with life?
Our attitude determines our outcomes.  We will get out of today what we expect to get based on the effort and attitude we approach today with either positive or negative.  Where focus goes energy flows.  Focus on a great day and that is where your energy will take you.  It really is that simply, it is just not easy to remember to check your attitude.
Developing a morning routine is key.  Read “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and you will see the benefits of starting your days with a routine to set you up for success.  Google Tony Robbins morning priming routine as well.  These are just a few ways you can wake up each day and say TGIT, Thank God Its Today!

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